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HOMES USA agents have:

Direct Access to Legal Counsel
Minimum of 5 years of Experience
Very Competitive Commissions
Detailed Knowledge of Markets
Advanced Negotiation Skills
Access to Marketing Experts
Vast Municipal Code Knowledge





Why A Select Group Of REALTORS® With The Law On Their Side?

The President of HOMES USA, LLC was a REALTOR® for some 10 years before becoming a member of the Missouri Bar.  It was during this time as a REALTOR® that he began to understand the many detailed and varied aspects of residential real estate transactions.  In fact, it was this experience that compelled him to attend law school and focus on real estate and communications law.

Frankly, there seems to have always been an underlying tension between real estate agents and attorneys.  Real estate agents typically view lawyers as "deal killers" and lawyers typically view agents as uninformed.  The truth is that the reality lies somewhere in between.  Hence, the need for a company like HOMES USA, LLC.

Lawyers have been viewed as "deal killers" because of the perception that lawyers sometimes overly complicate matters that would otherwise work themselves out.  This is true to an extent.  Many lawyers want to feel they are doing "something" for their client.  So, with all of the analytical skills gained in law school, lawyers might tend to flag an issue that the highly experienced REALTOR® feels routinely causes no problem.

Therein lies the tension.  There is truly something to be said for an attorney seeking to protect her/his client, but equally as important, there is something to be said for a seasoned REALTOR'S® knowledge of the typical goings on of the residential real estate trade/market.  A true balance benefits buyers and sellers.

HOMES USA, LLC smoothes this tension by establishing a relationship between REALTORS® and attorneys who work together in the best interest of their clients.  Highly experienced REALTORS® know the potential for legal complications in residential real estate transactions.  And, good legal counsel knows that highly experienced REALTORS® bring a lot to the table.  HOMES USA agents have the necessary access to legal counsel as they need it.

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